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Khayyám. Restaurants Moscow

Official guest house of Tajikistan republic in Moscow opened a restaurant named Khayyám after the Persian poet. The greatest thing about this place is its interior decorated by craftsmen and artists from Central Asia: traditional painting naksh, miniatures in Persian style, wooden carvings, hand-made carpets and so on. The main hall has a stage where they have live music and dancing performances every night. There is also a karaoke room and a hookah lounge where instead of music one can listen to a nightingale singing and fountain babbling.

On the menu Khayyám has Central Asian and Tajikistan cuisine, there are also some popular Russian dishes. Cocktails are absolutely worth attention: they are made from fresh fruit juices and purees, without any sugar or preserved syrups. There are also some interesting types of strong drinks –for example, cornel, quince and pear vodka.