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Kadril s Omarom. Restaurants Moscow

Kadril s Omarom (exact translation is “quadrille with a lobster”) is the first restaurant in Moscow that has only tasting menus. The chef Rinat Sitdikov prefers French cuisine. He offers his guests three tasting menus that change every two weeks. Each menu (1450 – 1950 rubles) includes five dishes. It can be, for example, Caesar salad with quail, soufflé served on raspberry puree, sautéed vegetables in a vol-au-vent and pike perch ravioli.

According to the chef, his menus are based on three principles: beautiful garnishing, excellent taste and successful combination of dishes. On working days from noon till 4.30 p.m. Kadril s Omarom offers day menu for 600 rubles with dishes like marinated tuna salad, cream of champignon soup, beef and vegetable ragout.