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Zucker. Restaurants Moscow

Zucker is a new kosher restaurant in the area of Patriarshiye Ponds. Here they combined European menu with high standards of kashrus. All the dishes are cooked from kosher food, which is controlled by a specialist in kashrus – mashgiah. The chef of Zucker is Alexey Podlesnyh – ex-mentee of William Lamberti (no wonder there’s a whole section of pasta and risotto on the menu). One can try, for example, kosher ravioli with potatoes and porcini (420 rubles), asparagus risotto (460 rubles), beef carpaccio with baked sweet pepper (560 rubles), minestrone soup (340 rubles) and also kosher sushi and rolls. Zuker works like traditional kosher restaurant. It is closed from the beginning of Shabbat (Friday, 5 p.m.) till the first star rises on Saturday (11 p.m.). On Sundays from 3 till 6 p.m. they organize events for children.