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Sayka-Leyka. Restaurants Moscow

Shayka-Leyka is a new eatery that shares address with Varshavskiye banyas (Russian public baths). In summertime the restaurant’s dining area extends into a flower-lined terrace with wooden furniture and lots of cushions. The main hall is divided into two parts with a fireplace which is of course an irresistible winter attraction. Sofas and multicolored rugs add homemade air to the place. The chef Sergey Balantsev rediscovers old-fashioned Russian recipes gathered during his trip around Russian province. The menu offers Siberian stroganina (slices of frozen fish or meat served cold), pike cutlets with pickled milk mushrooms, chicken liver pate with a side of an apple marmalade. Other hits are Russian salad and traditional Russian ‘seledka pod shuboy’ (‘herring in a fur-coat’).