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Barlotti. Restaurants Moscow

One more trendy project of George V Eatertainment (the company behind Buddha Bar) opened in the western corner of Tsum Shopping center. Russian version of the Parisian restaurant Barlotti is more intimate but no less luxurious. Loosely inspired by the Dolce Vita Italian 1960's Italian movies and lifestyle, infused with neo-baroque Italian design features, this restaurant, bar and cocktail lounge boasts an inviting and attractive décor where trendy and glamour combine to create a comfortable and lively atmosphere day and night. High flower bud-like chairs are perfect for those who like to drink Bellini or Negroni after work. Deep leather sofas are installed for those who appreciate doing business amid sightseeing spots while drinking a cup of coffee or enjoying romantic date with a glass of wine. Exquisite Italian and Mediterranean dishes are prepared by renown сhef Mariano Valerio. Mainly drawn from recipes of Piemonte, Lombardia, Campania and the Apulio regions, all dishes are prepared with the highest quality ingredients and boast the freshness of their products, including D.O.P. home made pasta.