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United Kitchen. Restaurants Moscow

The new bistro United Kitchen has appeared on Bersenevsky Alley. The man behind the place is Andrey Ryvkin well-known as the chef of the recently closed café Dome. At day time United Kitchen offers a lunch menu with salads, sandwiches, soups and a short list of main courses. The first things to try here should be the sandwich with Gruyere cheese, tuna and aioli (190 rubles), the beetroot salad with beans and Armillaria mushrooms (90 rubles) and the turkey salad with avocado, chili peppers and coriander (270 rubles). The evening menu is more sophisticated and expensive: creamy ragout of fish and crayfish (620 rubles), turkey curry confit with pumpkin and spinach (650 rubles), carrot cream soup with sea buckthorn, goat cheese and chervil (390 rubles). Other good things about United Kitchen are bread and smoked fish made on the premises.