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Shake Shack. Restaurants Moscow

The newly opened location on Arbat is the Russian version of the New-York restaurant Shake Shack, well-known for its burgers, hot-dogs, custards, wine and home-made beer. The interior features wooden panels made from Arkhangelsk northern pine and coating of recycled zink – creators meant to highlight the Russian particularity of the place. The menu offers modern interpretation of American classics. Burgers are made from Angus beef; there are six of them on the menu, including a vegetarian one with cheese and mushrooms. They also have three types of sweet custards – vanilla, chocolate and the taste of the day, all of them served in glasses or cones. Custards are also the basis for special milkshakes and flots – vanilla custard is mixed with soft drinks or root beer that is delivered to Shake Shack from the US. The bar list features dark beer and lager Warka from a private brewery and wines from 6 different countries.